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“We look forward to helping you and your best friend with all your pet meat needs” – Sam and Bossie and Jack and BB

Who We Are

4Paws Deli is all about giving your dogs and cats the fresh food they want and deserve. Obviously, we’re animal lovers and we want the best for our four-legged friends. 4Paws Deli was founded in response to a lack of quality, raw dog and cat food options. Buying from supermarkets or butchers is expensive, and often you can’t even get the products that dogs really love. That’s exactly why we’re here!

We want to see dogs and cats living long, happy and healthy lives. So, we’ve put together convenient food packages that your dogs will love. Happy dogs and cats are healthy animals! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got small or larger breeds, we’ve got high-quality raw food that will put a smile on their face. Its affordable, dogs and cats love it, and most importantly, the health benefits for your pet are amazing.

●        Beef

●        Chicken

●        Kangaroo

●        Lamb

The Raw Food Your Dog and Cats Needs

Let’s face it, if our pups and kittens were in the wild, they wouldn’t be eating processed food from a can or a bag. It’s in a pets nature to eat raw food, and their bodies respond much better to raw meat. That’s why we provide only the highest quality meat that dogs and cats will love. Check our price list for more details, but we stock mince and other items in the following categories:

You can get your pet a mixture of mince, bones, hart, liver, kidneys, as well as a range of specialist items. From chicken giblets to goat tails, turkey feet and beef & veg combos, we supply all you’ll need for your hungry pets.

We even have products specially designed for puppies, so no member of the family is left out. If you’re tired of buying processed dog and cat food that doesn’t really benefit your furry friends, let us help you make the switch to a raw diet today.

Delivering to North East Victoria and parts of Southern NSW

Since we’re based in Wangaratta, locals can visit us any time, but we’re also offering weekly delivery throughout North-East Victoria and parts of Southern New South Wales. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you – we just need a little notice.

Deliveries occur every Friday, so this means you’ll need to get your orders in by Thursday so we can prepare them in time. Payment also needs to be made prior to delivery. All delivery orders must be over $50 and incur a $10 delivery fee. So, if you’re within our local delivery area, be assured your dog or cat will be well-fed, and we’re pretty sure this is one delivery they’ll get extra excited about!

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